We all know that young people are drawn to aviation when they first see an airplane fly overhead. Many youth will take a Young Eagle flight and start dreaming of flying. Then reality hits. Flying is expensive, time consuming and, frequently, inconvenient. With the pilot population in a steep decline and General Aviation (GA) experiencing a continuing downhill slide, there is a need for a program that will engage 7th through 12th grade youth and get them started on the path that will guide them into careers in aviation.

The MAP-G Basic Youth Flight Training Program is answer!

The MAP-G program will instruct our youth in the basics of flight and provide a low cost opportunity to help these dreamers get their "wheels off the ground" in a modern primary glider. Inspired by the 
Born2Fly program ongoing in Lithuania, CAC is developing a similar program here in the US.

Currently, CAC is working with two ultralight aircraft manufactures to design and produce an aircraft that will meet our requirements - rugged, safe and trailerable. We are also working out the details that will make the MAP-G program viable for distribution throughout the country. These details include administrative and operational procedures, hardware acquisition, costs (both fixed and ongoing), insurance needs and, of course, funding.

Our goal is to get to a first student flight in the Spring of 2018 and then introducing the program at Air Venture 2018.

If you are interested in following our progress, or in providing, assistance, materials, safety evaluations, marketing concepts aimed at tweens and teens and/or advancing the effort through social media, please join our group by clicking Here, texting CAC to 84576 or emailing Tom Beckenbauer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.